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Narkis Street Congregation meets every Shabbat/Saturday for corporate worship, study, and fellowship at 11:00 am.  


Our congregation is led by Pastor Gary Alley.

What can you expect at Narkis Street Congregation?


We are a multinational, interdenominational body based in Jerusalem. We are located on the west side of Jerusalem, which is predominately Jewish.  Therefore, we meet on Saturday/Shabbat. Our members live and work among both Israeli and Palestinian societies. We have a love for all the peoples of this land.  For more, here.


Our Bible Study emphasizes the teachings of Jesus and how he interpreted, handled, and applied the Hebrew Scriptures as a first-century Jew.  For more on our study of the Word of God, here


During our weekly service, we recite the Shma ("Hear, O Israel" of Deut 6:4-9) and read from the Parasha (a portion of Scripture from the Torah). Such a tradition was observed by Jesus and his early followers (Luke 4:17, Acts 13:15; 17:2) and continues to be a part of contemporary Jewish practice.


Our congregation has a heart for the poor, broken, and lost. Whether it is the widow, orphan, sick, or refugee, we make it a priority to give to those in need, whenever we are able.  Our charity work is a practical way that we express our faith as followers of Jesus. For more, here



Learn about Our Identity and Vision, here.


Learn about Our History, here.


Connect with us, here.



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