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Dov B. Chaikin

London-born (1926) Dov Chaikin, together with his two older brothers and their mother, was brought to Jerusalem in May 1928, to be raised by his orthodox Jewish paternal grandparents, his father having passed away earlier that year. 


Claiming he was eighteen years of age in April 1942 he joined the British Army, seeing service in Egypt and Libya and from 1944 in Italy with the independent Jewish Brigade Group. After his demobilization in March 1947, he occupied various positions, including that of head of the English division of the Israel Government Press Office.


It was in August 1976 that he met his future wife, Tehilah, who was used by the Lord to draw him to the Narkis Street Congregation in Jerusalem where he met Pastor Bob Lindsey.



Dov's Life Story,
"A Living Link"
A Living Link, The Story of Dov Chaikin

by Dov Chaikin (Author), Kelvin Crombie (Introduction)

91 pages

First published 2019

Published by Heritage Resources Pty Ltd

Printed by Total Digital, Burswood, Western Australia

© Copyright Dov Chaikin

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Dov's Interview
Nov 21st, 2020

​with Danny Kopp

Listen to

Dov's Testimony
"A Jew Finding His Jewish Messiah" 
April 18, 2015​
A Jew Finding His Jewish MessiahDov Chaikin
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